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Machinery Importers


Total Banks : 70


Total Companies : 83


Total Companies : 241


Industrial Sector

1- A list of produced goods by Lebanese industrial firms and name list of firms producing these goods with its owners names.
2- The guidebook also contains: - Customs number for each item according to Unified International Harmonized System Code ( H.S Code).
- Percentage of customs duties that these items pay in a number of countries.
3- Geographical classification of Lebanese industries distributed according to geographical areas in view of administrative official divisions of Lebanon into districts, provinces, and industrial areas.
4- Sector classification of Lebanese industries according to Unified International Harmonized System Code ( H.S Code).
5- Statistical lists and graphic indications for the distribution of Lebanese industries according to sectional production and geographical distribution.
6- Full details of the firm production that are participating in an advertisement page which contains items specifications each with its custom number with photos illustrating its products.

Sectors Complementing the Industry

1- Banks operating in Lebanon, with listing of headquarters & their branches in Lebanon.
2- Insurance Companies operating in Lebanon.
3- Transports and Trading Companies operating in Lebanon.
4- Importers of Industrial Machinery and Raw Material.
5- Packaging and Exporters of Fruits & Vegetables in Lebanon.

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