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Speech of the General Manager of the Industrial Directory Company

Letter of the General Manager 
of the Industrial Directory The tenth edition of the Directory of exports and Industrial firms in Lebanon 
(2018 – 2019) concurrently with the focused campaign carried out by the Ministry of Industry and value and the Association of Lebanese Industrialists to promote the 
Lebanese industrial production, which confirms that the industrial suffering of persons working in this sector creates a common approach and synergy of the efforts of workers and those familiar with the affairs of this sector and its concerns. If the advertising promotion of the Lebanese industry is necessary to create a national sense to this industry, and the introduction of how to reach this industry becomes 
imperative to guide the citizen to his industry. Therefore, it is very important to issue the 10th edition and previous editions of the 
Directory according to the scientific bases and standards in order to introduce these products in a way that facilitates to the local and foreign consumers the reach of 
Lebanese commodity as soon as possible. In addition to covering 6208 factories owing to the field survey carried out by the 
Management of the Directory under the supervision and sponsorship of the 
Ministry of Industry, the Directory is characterized by focusing on very important
points that contribute to the promotion of the Lebanese industrial production, 
prominently technical and detailed aspects of the introduction of the commodity as 
the standardized international coding H.s.code was adopted, therefore all goods 
produced by the Lebanese factories are introduced and their flow to the local and 
foreign markets is facilitated in addition to knowing the rates of customs duties for the required commodities in Lebanon and about 130 other countries and the volume of import and export of this commodity from and to Lebanon. The standard method adopted by the Directory to include information in writing and advertising made it a reference and a Lebanese mobile exhibition in the world markets as a result of its publication on a special website , allowing stakeholders to know the industry of Lebanon accurately. The directory,s website was ranked first on Google,s search engine, with 2000 users per day. This number is expected to double over the next three years to more than 3000 visitors as a result of upgraded advertising plan and campaign. No matter how much we talk about the role of this Directory and its advantages, very important aspects of the role of the Directory in the history of Lebanese industry need to be highlighted as the efforts and high costs to complete the comprehensive field survey in Lebanon would not have been achieved without the long experience in living and experiencing the problems of Lebanese industry. The most important practical results of the successive editions of the Directory is the
creation of the Permanent Electronic Exhibition for Lebanese Industries, which marks a fundamental turning point in the promotion of the 
Lebanese industry as it is featuring the largest gathering of Lebanese factories in a 
professional and sectorial exhibition which allows about 400 industrial firms to 
showcase their products in local, Arab and international markets with the latest and top-notch 
technologies developed at a low cost. We expect this exhibition to make an unexpected radical change in the marketing of Lebanese industrial production in the next stage. We look forward that the representatives of the Lebanese industry, in particular the 
Ministry of Industry and the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists, appreciate the 
importance of this project by listing it amongst the first concerns in the field of introducing the 
Lebanese industry, as this project has achieved rare benefits for the Lebanese industry in the field of introduction of its products which exceeded tens of attempts and projects of official 
authorities especially over the past decades, despite the varying material possibilities.

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